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25.000 kilometer for a good cause.
One marathon each day. For two years!

We are two Belgian ultra runners who embarked into an epic adventure, 25.000 kilometers from Alaska to Argentina. For charity we're running in 590 marathons from Alaska - Prudhoe Bay towards the most southern part of America. Via PanAm is an amazing story of hope, persistence and a lot of stupidity. A story already appealing to imagination.
25.000 kilometer for a good cause.<br />One marathon each day. For two years!

The route

The legendary Pan-American Highway is a network of roads connecting the ends of North & South America. The road goes from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina. Opinions differ about the total length of the roads. The estimates vary from 25.000 to 50.000 kilometers.

Our Via PanAm route is 25.000 kilometers long and runs along various spectacular highlights such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni. Download our Via PanAm-map and follow us closely.

Meet the team

No Via PanAm without a team. The runners will be assisted by a motivated team. Each team member will have his or her specific task during the adventure. The foursome will live in self-build RVs. They choose consciously a minimal nomadic existence on nature’s rhythm.

  • Weking Van Reeth

    Weking van Reeth

    Ultra runner
  • Liesbeth Balemans

    Liesbeth Balemans

    Injury prevention
    Nutrition consultant
  • Seba Vandermolen

    Seba Vandermolen

    Ultra runner
  • An Wouters

    An Wouters

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