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Condiciones de uso

Article 1. Subject

These terms of use contain provisions and conditions applying to the usage of information and services offered by the website. The user of the website and supplied services will be considered having agreed on the terms of use. ?Via PanAm vzw has the right to change the terms of use any time. The altered terms of use will published on the website. The new terms of use will be in force on the date of publication.

Article 2. Responsibility

Via PanAm vzw devotes particular care to the composition of the content on the website. Via PanAm vzw can’t be held responsible for inaccuracies or deficiencies in the data as mentioned on the website. This applies to information posted by Via PanAm vzw, as well as information coming from users (members, visitors and advertisers).

Incorrect data or deficiencies on the website do not confer to the right to a financial compensation. Via PanAm vzw is not responsible addressed to users or third parties for possible direct, indirect, incidental damage, loss of profit or any other form of damage due to negligence or oblivion in providing, compiling, editing, writing and interpreting of information.

Via PanAm vzw provides the website expressly “as it is”. The most advanced web techniques were applied for the technical realisation. Via PanAm vzw can’t be held responsible for any downtime or disfunctioning of the system.

Via PanAm vzw isn’t responsible for links to the website managed by a third party. Via PanAm vzw doesn’t control any of the websites mentioned before and doesn’t accept any responsibility concerning the content on these websites. The inclusion of links to these websites doesn’t mean Via PanAm vzw approves the elements these websites contain, and doesn’t implicate any collaboration between Via PanAm vzw and the owners of these websites.

The information on the website is changed periodically. Via PanAm vzw has the right to correct or change the website at any time. en/of wijzigingen door te voeren op de site.

Article 3. Intellectual property and copyright

The user recognises that the supplied data on the website (text, graphic elements, …) are and stay property of Via PanAm vzw. Nothing from the website may be used for reproduction, altering, distribution, sale, publication or commercial goals without a prior written agreement for Via PanAm vzw. It’s also prohibited to save this information electronically of to use for illegal purposes. Saving information from the website into a database isn’t allowed, apart from automatically “caching” of the information by a browser.

Article 4. Privacy regulation and the protection of the right to privacy

Via PanAm vzw respects your online privacy and does everything possible the protect your privacy while using our website. You can visit our without giving any personal data. To provide some specific services, offered on our website, Via PanAm vzw has to have some personal data at its disposal. For example while registering for our newsletter to stay informed about our project, you automatically accept your personal data being captured by Via PanAm vzw. We indicate which data is necessary to provide the concerned service. Via PanAm vzw will use your data primarily to provide the service you registered for and to keep you informed about the project and, if the occasion arises, for statistical and direct marketing purposes.

Via PanAm vzw act as the responsible person for procession of the personal data gathered by the website and can entrust the processing to processors. Thereby Via PanAm vzw takes the appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of data processing. In accordance with the lax of December 8th 1992 that protects the private life, you can ask for access to your personal data to check and ask us to correct and update them. This can be done by sending an email to info@viapanam.be. Via PanAm vzw also collects information with log files. This information is used for internal purposes such as traffic or profile analyses to ameliorate and assure our services on the website. Via PanAm vzw uses ‘cookies’ (small pieces of information that are stored on the users hard drive) to ameliorate the use of the website.?

Changes concerning the Via PanAm vzw Terms of use can be applied at any time, but will be announced to the user via the website.?

Article 5. Prove and applicable right

The Belgian law is applicable. All parties accept that the electronic communication between them has legal prove as written evidence. In case of disagreement or argument only the courts of justice in the district of Antwerp have authority.

Article 6. Cookies

By visiting this website you automatically agree with Via PanAm vzw installing cookies on your pc whereby they collect information on how you use this website. A cookie is a small file that is placed on your pc and managed by the website that has installed the cookie. Cookies are able to recognise your pc immediately while you visit the website. Due to the use of cookies the website can save information concerning the users and their visits. With every visit several cookies can be used.?

The use of cookies is limited to the following goals: ameliorating the use of the website. Analysing on how visitors use the website. The cookie registers in no way which information an individual visitor uses or prints. The goal is to collect static information to improve the website. With certain parameters in your browser you can ignore cookies and prevent the installation on your hard drive. In this case Via PanAm vzw can’t guarantee the optimal operation of the website in all circumstances.

Article 7. Donating Online

Transferring a donation will happen via the Mollie system. On transferring the Mollie Terms of use are also applicable together with the Via PanAm vzw Terms of use. Via PanAm isn’t responsible for any glitches and/or faults that occur while transferring money. In this case you have to contact your bank and/or Mollie. Stated amounts are once-only, therefore there is no periodically transfer. A user can donate as many times as he wants. A donation form needs to be filled out for every donation. Received donations can only be used for the stated cause. Via PanAm vzw targets with inning of online donations the realisations of its goals and doesn’t guarantee the objectives will be achieved.

The necessary data for the processing of the donation will only be used by Via PanAm vzw. The donor consents with this use by Via PanAm vzw by accepting these terms. The data of the donor won’t be made available for a third party. For transferring a donation Via PanAm vzw wants you to have the minimum age of 18 years old. Persons younger than 18 years old, can only donate with the consent of their parent or a guardian.

Last updated: 25 april 2016.

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